Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

Its been a while since I posted anything.  Things have been pretty busy.  The girls and I went to visit my family last week.  We had a great time.  :)  We got back home Thursday evening.  Friday evening Ella started complaining of her ear hurting and running a fever :(  So her and I spent our Saturday afternoon at the doctors office.  Doug and the other girls went to a cookout/pool party that a coworker of his had.  It sounds like they all had an awesome time.

Today was Stepping Up Sunday at church.  Lilly moved from downstairs (babies-preschool) to upstairs (kindergarten-5th grade).  She was so excited!  It will be interesting to see how Ella does from now on since Lilly won't be in the class with her anymore (she didn't go today since she was sick).

This week is going to be a super busy week.  Tomorrow we have to do some cleaning, take Sydney to get her allergy shot, then Alyssa and Lilly have dentist appointments at 2:00 and Ella has her pre-k physical at 2:30.  Yeah, I goofed and scheduled 2 things for the same time.  AHHH!!!  Thankfully I have an awesome husband who is going to take the afternoon of and take Alyssa and Lilly to the dentist for me!  Then tomorrow night is my first night of class!  I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology 2 on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30 and then I have 3 online classes (College Algebra, Developmental Psychology, and College Study Skills).  I'm kinda nervous...and scared...but I know I"ll be fine.  And with all the girls in school this year (that still sounds so weird....I was expecting one more year with Ella home...) I'll have time to get school work done (hopefully...).

Tuesday morning Ella's pre-k teacher is coming for a home visit at 10:00.  We will get all the info about her class/school and everything.  (She has open house on August 31 then starts on September 1).  Then Tuesday afternoon we have to take the school supplies Alyssa collected for her Safety Patrol project to school and she is also going to interview the teacher she had last year (also her Girls on the Run coach) for her paper on the person who she looks up to in her community.  Then Tuesday evening is Kindergarten open house!

Wednesday is officially the last day of summer break!  I cannot get over how quickly summer has flown by!  Alyssa, Makaela, and Sydney start school on Thursday.  They all met their teachers today and I think they are all going to have an awesome year this year!  Lilly goes for a half day on Friday then starts full days on Tuesday.  She will find out who her teacher is tomorrow.

And sometime in there I've got to finish filling out the mountain of paperwork for the girls to take back on the first day.  I finished with Sydney's stuff and got started on Makaela's before I got writer's cramp and had to stop for a while... :)

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