Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whew, what a day!

Its been a busy day today.  Lilly had an appointment with her neurologist at 8:10.  We left the house at 7:25 and still ended up being about 10 minutes late due to traffic.  Thankfully they were fine with it.  I was so scared we would have to reschedule and wait who knows how long for another appointment...  Lilly has been having dizzy spells lately.  She's also been having a lot of headaches...some just "regular' headaches and some migraines.  Her pediatrician was concerned about the dizzy spells and sent her back to the neurologist (she went a couple years ago and had some tests done due to some dizzy spells/passing out spells, but everything came back normal and they said they thought they were just probably breath holding spells or something).  Since Lilly is older and able to explain what's going on better, the doctor was able to get a better idea of what's going on.  She said she thinks the dizzy spells are related to the migraines.  We've been treating her with medicine that makes her sleepy and she sleeps off the headaches, but since she's going to school and having headaches so often, that won't really work.  So she put her on a daily medicine to prevent headaches and gave her something that won't make her sleepy and will stop the headaches when she gets one.

After her appointment, we went to Bojangles and got breakfast (well it was the girls' second breakfast...).  Then we went to CVS to pick up Lilly's medicines (the 3 the neurologist prescribed her plus 2 asthma meds...retail price was $827.30!!!  I nearly passed out.  I don't know how people without insurance do it!). Then we ran by the house to grab a few coupons and take some hamburger out of the freezer so it would thaw out for supper tonight and then went to get Sydney's allergy shots.  Then we went to Target, to Carmax to get the oil changed in the van, and then to Harris Teeter.  We finally made it home a little before 4:00.  It was a super busy day and the girls did great.

Tomorrow we have to run to Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter and do a little coupon shopping (and remember to buy cat food since I forgot, yet again, today...don't worry, they still have food) :)  Then Friday I have absolutely no plans except for laundry, cleaning, and packing for our trip to Roanoke Rapids!  :)

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