Thursday, August 26, 2010

First day of school!

Yesterday was the first day of school. Alyssa is now in 4th grade, Makaela is in 3rd, and Sydney is in 1st. They are all three very happy with the teachers they got this year. Sydney was a little upset that none of her friends from her kindergarten class are in her class this year, but she was so excited to tell me about the new friends she made yesterday! She loves her teachers and her classroom. She told me she thinks 1st grade will be just as awesome as Kindergarten :) Makaela loves her teacher as well. I think she's going to have a really good year. She was really excited when she was telling me all about her day yesterday. Alyssa already knew her teacher. She was one of her girls on the run coaches last year. She was super excited that she got her for a teacher. I think she's going to have an awesome year as well! She's already read an AR book and took a test on it this morning (made a 100 and earned 5 points...I love getting emails when they take an AR test!) :) She's determined to get the most points in her class :)

Lilly and Ella decided that we need to have preschool at home while the other girls are at school. We started that yesterday too :) Lilly asked me to help her write out a schedule. According to her we need 4 snack times, arts and crafts, math time, reading time, lunch time, and a really short rest time :) We had a really good time yesterday. They are so cute with their book bags and school supplies. They kept all the things they made in a folder and couldn't wait to show Doug when he got home yesterday.

Hopefully the year will continue to go as well as it went yesterday :) I have a feeling that might be wishful thinking though... :)


  1. 4 snack times - he he!
    When do you start school?

  2. Yeah, she loves her snack times :) I decided to take this semester off. I only need 1 or 2 more classes (depending on which nursing program I end up going with) and there is just so much going on right now with Ella and Makaela and everything else. I'm applying to one program in September, but its almost a sure thing that I'll be on the waiting list (I've been told that it is very rare for a first time applicant to get in even if they've finished all their prerequisites). I've heard about another program in Charlotte that I'm going to look into. I think they have evening classes and they start a new class every semester, so I could get in quicker (the other program only starts a new class once a year). Plus if I could do evening classes I could start sooner because Doug could watch the girls. We can't afford daycare/before and after school care for me to start day classes before all the girls are in school.