Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I never thought I'd have to say...

The other night I was sitting on the couch and I hear Doug say "Do not swing a bag of potatoes at your sister!". I couldn't help but giggle. It was one of those things I never ever imagined hearing. I'm still not sure why Alyssa saw the bag of potatoes sitting there and thought it would be a good idea to pick it up and swing it at Makaela. I don't think I even want to know what goes through their heads sometimes.

Then this afternoon I find myself googling for ways to remove fingernail polish from hair. I never in a million years imagined myself preforming that search... The girls were painting each others fingernails and toe nails and Ella decided to brush her hair out of her face with the hand that had just been freshly painted. So she ended up with bright pink nail polish in her hair.

I think I should start a list of all the things I never imagined having to say. It happens at least once a day around here :)

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