Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its the little things...

It doesn't take much to make me super happy. :) I can be in the worst mood and Ella will come up and give me one of her "cheek hugs and kisses" (its absolutely adorable. She'll kiss one cheek, then put her cheek up to it and "hug", then she'll kiss and "hug" the other cheek) and tell me she loves me out of the blue, or Sydney or Lilly will do something goofy, or Makaela will randomly come up and tell me I'm the best mom ever, or Alyssa will offer to help out with something without being asked, etc and suddenly I feel much better :) Great sales on car seats is another thing that will make my day much better as well! :) Today was one of those days. The girls were fighting, and picking, and driving me absolutely crazy. The TV was turned off by 8:30 because they could not stop fighting over what to watch. Then they just started fighting because they couldn't agree on what to play! AHH! And its too darn hot to send them outside! The heat index is over 100 and its miserable out there! Well, I was sitting here on looking around the forums at and saw that some k-marts had car seats on sale really cheap! I had to take Sydney to get a shot and there is a k-mart close by, so I figured it was worth a shot. I told the girls to get dressed quickly cause we were leaving in 5 minutes! They didn't have any car seats on clearance at that store, so we went to get Sydney's shot (she did great, as usual) and then headed home...feeling defeated. Well, I just couldn't let it go, so I got online, found the number for the next 3 closest K-marts and called to ask if they had any. The next closet one had 2 of each type I wanted! YAY! Once again I told the girls they had 10 minutes to finish lunch cause we were leaving (thankfully they get excited about new car seats and we headed that way. They were still there when we got there, so I got one of each! The one I really wanted is an Evenflo Triumph LX. The regular price was $139.99 and it was on clearance for $27.99!!! It looked REALLY wide though, so I didn't know if it would work for us. So they had a Safety 1st Avenue (regular price $89.99 marked down to $17.99) so I grabbed it too. Once we got home and I played with both seats, I decided to keep the Triumph and sell the Avenue. The Triumph is AWESOME! I know...I'm slightly addicted/obsessed/whatever, but hey...there are worse things to be "obsessed" with :) So super cheap car seats made my day today! :) The best part is I had a gift card with just about $9 left on it, so I ended up only spending $40 on two car seats! And I think I can easily sell the extra one for $30 (hey, that's still a great deal) and in the end I'll only be out $10 for a brand new car seat!

In other news... :) Doug took the day off yesterday and we had a great family day. We had some errands to run and he came with us. We ran by the bank then went to Target for a few coupon deals and school supplies that the girls still needed. They have the Play-Doh ice cream shop set on sale for $8 this week and there is a $5 coupon, which made it $3...AND you got a free 4 pack of play-doh! I got one set for the girls and one to keep for birthday gifts for parties the girls get invited to. And I finally found Bailey's coffee creamer! I've heard its wonderful but never been able to find it until yesterday! And I heard is heavenly! After Target we ran in the mall. We've decided that its time to start hiking and camping more. We've always wanted to, but up until now, its been challenging with so many young kids. Now, they are old enough that it is not as hard and is a lot of fun! The girls all love hiking as well! We're planning on going up to the mountains at least once every other month or so (more if we can) and hiking to different waterfalls! Anyway, I really needed some hiking boots (I twist my ankles all the time and it happens even more often when hiking...and its a pain (literally)). I thought finding some I liked would be a challenge, but it really wasn't. I found a pair that I absolutely love at the second store we went to! I can't wait to go hiking now and see how big of a difference they make. Then we went to the book store for a little while. After that we left and headed home for lunch and naps. Then we went to Party City (more about that later...) and Sam's Club. I spent more than usual at Sam's Club and blamed Doug (I always end up spending more when he goes with us) but it really wasn't his fault...we just needed more this month than usual. Then we came home, had supper, then went to Doug's brother's house to check on his cat (he's out of town). Since we were close by, we decided to take the girls to walk around uptown Charlotte. They've been wanting to go in the evening ever since we told them that Doug and I went while they were staying with my parents and we saw a big rat. I think they really just wanted to see a big We had a good time though (even though we didn't see any rats of any size this time...thank goodness!). It was a really good day :)

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