Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Happy Girls!

We just got home from going to the school to find out which teachers the girls have this year. The secretary had told me that the list would be posted today after 1:00, so the girls started counting down the hours until 1:00 at 7:00 this morning! At exactly 1:00 they were ready to go! So, we finished up making birthday cards for Grandma so we could run by the post office and mail those while we were out and we left. Alyssa and Makaela both had 2 teachers that they wanted to have this year and they each got one of the two that they wanted. And Sydney doesn't really know anything about any of the 1st grade teachers, so she was happy with anyone :) Makaela was hoping Sydney would have the same teacher she had in 1st grade and she was a little disappointed that Sydney is in another class, but she told Sydney that the teacher she did get is awesome, so Syd's happy :)

They have orientation on Sunday afternoon and they are very excited about meeting their teachers and seeing if any of their friends are in their classes (I don't know why they didn't think to look at the list. But then again, I didn't think about having them do that either...) :) Then school starts on Wednesday! Yay! :)

Since Lilly didn't get into pre-k, I told her that we would do preschool stuff at home. She's super excited. She's even named our preschool... "Lilly, Ella, and mama's preschool" :) She's made all kinds of plans. Most importantly we MUST have play time, snack time, lunch time, and arts and crafts time EVERY day! Oh and field trips! According to Lilly, we must have LOTS of field trips (luckily she says trips to the grocery store, etc count...). It should be lots of fun! :)

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